Iași Traveler


We invite you to discover Iași!

Traveler through Iasi is a 2-day city break in the capital of Moldova - a place of historical significance, of great cultural beauty and full of young soul.

"There are Romanians who have never been to Iasi, although there should be none, because those who have not been here can not understand the pages of the most beautiful chronicles, can not properly penetrate the spirit of our past that he lives in this place more alive and richer than anywhere else [...]. It would be a lack in his national consciousness if he had not seen the city that was and still proudly calls itself the capital of Moldova ... "(Nicolae Iorga)

The package contains:

- 2 nights accommodation for 2 people in a double room with view to Unirii Square

- free breakfast,

- SPA access

- fitness area

- free parking

- free minibar - soft drinks

- free Unirea bicycles for city tour - we offer you 8 routes specially designed to visit the emblematic places in the city

- dinner included for each day of accommodation for 2 people

The offer is valid for Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, until November 30, 2020, for reservations made on our website, at tel. + 40-232-20.50.00 or on our e-mail address: reservations@hotelunirea.ro.

Don't forget that we accept holiday tickets!

We are waiting you to visit Iasi!

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