Dear guests,


We want to offer you an unforgettable experience at Unirea Hotel & SPA and for this reason we have established a set of principles and rules we respectfully ask you to take into consideration during and after your stay.


Reservations can be done directly on or at one of the following telephone numbers:

+40-(0)232-20.50.00 or +40-(0)232-20.50.23.

Unguaranteed reservations shall be kept until 18:00 (local time) on arrival day and released automatically after this time, except for cases when the reservation is guaranteed with a card, valid at the date of the or by payment in advance. In case of non-attendance, the hotel has the right to retain the sum equivalent to the first night of accommodation and to release the room for the rest of the booked period.

In case of persons who don't have a pre-booking, Panoramic Restaurant has the policy to serve guests in the order of their arrival in the restaurant.

For dinner it is recommended to have a reservation, even if you are accommodated at the hotel.

For reservations please contact us at the telephone number: +40-(0)232-20.50.13 or 5013 if you call from your room, or on the reservation page of  the website

Reservations shall be kept only 20 minutes from the booking time.

For Unirea SPA services it is recommended that reservations are made at least 24 hours in advance at the telephone number: +40-(0)232-20.50.18. For more information please visit our website


Cancelling a reservation

Any reservation cancellation shall be sent in writing to: or by fax at the number: +40(0)-232-20.50.26 until 18:00 on arrival date. 

Reservation cancellation for Unirea SPA services can be done by telephone at the numbers: +40-(0)232-20.50.16 or +40–(0)232–20.50.18 or in writing at: with at least four hours before reservations time.



Unirea Hotel & SPA rates differ depending on the type of room you choose, availability, day and season, as well as number of people per room (more details on the booking page).

Restaurant services rates are presented on

Unirea SPA rates differ depending on the type of service, time of day as well as number of entries.

For more information please visit


Arrival and Departure

Check-in can be done starting 2 PM and Check-out before 12.00 AM


If on the first day of your stay the room is requested before 14:00, the reservation shall be subject to availability and an early check-in fee of 90 lei, VAT included shall be applied (for the time interval of 07 : 00-14: 00) and 100% of the night accommodation equivalent for a check-in earlier than 07:00.


If on the last day of the stay the rooms are checked out after 12.00, an additional fee of 120 lei, VAT included (for the time interval of 14.00 - 18.00) and 100% of the value of the night accommodation shall  be applied for exceeding 6 PM.

Guests who check out before 12.00 AM can leave their luggage with the reception in a luggage room for up to 24 hours with no extra cost.

For luggage left with the reception for a period extending 24 hours storage fees shall be charged.

If the guests’ luggage is left in the room after check-out time at 12.00 AM, an extra fee for using the room shall be charged (similar to late check-out).

These requirements from guests can be dealt with to the extent the hotel does not have firm reservations for the rooms in question.


Child between 0 - 7 years old Accommodation

Children between 0 - 7 years are accommodated for free when the beds already existent in the room are used.

For children under the age of 2 there is the possibility of a baby bed, if available.

Please inform us when making the reservation if you need a baby bed, for us to be able to honor your request, if available.


Minor Accommodation

A minor is the person who hasn`t reached the age of 18 years old. 

Unirea Hotel & SPA does not accept the accommodation of minors which are not accompanied by parents or legal guradians, except for the situation in which the minor is part of a group accompanied by teachers, coaches or tour guides, participating in a field trip, camp, competition or other similar activities.


Symbols and signs

For extra requests during your stay you can use the following signs:

- “DO NOT DISTURB!” – with your permission access to your room shall be made to check facilities and cleanliness between 7.00 AM and 3.00 PM, at the time you communicated to reception;

- “PLEASE CLEAN MY ROOM!“ – by this message you request your room to be cleaned.


Extra guests

You can receive guests in your room between 8.00 AM and 10.00 PM with no extra charge. In case you receive guests in your room between 10.00 PM and 8.00 AM they shall have to pay the difference in rates and to register with the reception by filling in the check-in file.


Dress code

Unirea Hotel & SPA does not have a special dress code, but we recommend decency and respect both for the other guests and for the hotel staff.

People dressed in bathrobes, swimming suits, shorts, strapless tops and flip flops shall not be accepted in the restaurant, lifts and hotel lobby.

We advise guests to use the bathrobe, slippers and towel from the hotel room if they want to access the SPA and pool area (when returning from the SPA area please bring back to the hotel room the bathrobe and towel you used). The swimming cap is mandatory and it is offered at the Unirea SPA reception. Any other additional item will be charged.

Access to the swimming pool is allowed only in swimming suit, clean flip flops, towel, bathrobe and cap.

Showering is mandatory both before and after using the swimming pool.

It is forbidden for persons with skin conditions and infectious diseases as well as for unsupervised children under 18 years old to enter the swimming pool. Children up to the age of four have free access.



For the service payment Unirea Hotel & SPA accepts credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express), cash (RON), bank transfer (for the receipt to be issued, please present a Payment Order with the bank`s signature at check in) or vacation ticket.

In this last situation, please take into account that it is mandatory the owner of the tickets is the beneficiary of the accommodation and the receipt will be issued on his name).

Except for contracts already in use, we inform you that payment or pre-authorization of the card is done when checking-in.

If payment is to be made at the end of the stay, a deposit on card or cash shall be mandatory for the requested period and the requested accommodation.

Payment for Unirea SPA and Panoramic Restaurant services can be done by credit card, cash (RON) or bank transfer.

For bank transfers, payment must be done in advance based on a pro-forma invoice.

For clients checked into Unirea Hotel, guests of Unirea SPA, payment of services can be done both at the Unirea SPA reception desk and at the hotel reception desk.


Gratification and costs of services

Gratification for hotel staff are entirely up to the guests.



Traditional smoking and electronic cigarette are not allowed inside Unirea Hotel & SPA, according to the applicable law (Law 349/2002 modified and completed by Law 15/2016). The Unirea Hotel & SPA has open-air smoking areas.

Unirea Hotel & SPA has only non-smoking rooms. If hotel rules are not observed, the client shall pay a fine of 100 euro (the lei equivalent shall be calculated based on the official exchange rate on payment day), equivalent to room cleaning services.



General rule does not allow animals or birds to be checked into the hotel.

In exceptional cases and only with the hotel’s permission, small pets (max 7 kg) shall be allowed provided a national/ international health certificate (with all included vaccinations) is presented at reception at check-in.

The check-in charge is of 15 euro/day/animal/ bird.

Pets are not allowed inside the restaurants and Unirea SPA Centre.


Airport/hotel/airport transfer

Unirea Hotel & SPA offers, for a fee, car transfers, private or shared, in partnership with Travis Tourism / Rent-a-Car. These can be done directly from the hotel's website


Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Breakfast is served in the Unirea Restaurant on the ground floor of the hotel between :

-    7.00 and 10.30 AM (Mondays to Fridays)

-    7.00 and 11.00 AM (Saturdays and Sundays)

You can invite any person to have breakfast with you, but it is mandatory they pay for their breakfast, respect behavior norms and wear decent clothes.

For guests who are not accommodated at our hotel, breakfast is 45 lei/ person.


At the seasonal CitiZen Garden located at the ground floor of the hotel, you can serve breakfast, lunch and/or dinner in a relaxed atmosphere, with exotic notes. For the opening and closing hours please contact 0232.20.54.40, int.5037, or visit the Facebook page .


For the seasonal opening and closing hours of Panoramic Restaurant on the 13th floor of the hotel, please call int. 5013 or visit the website: .

If you want to have a coffee or a cocktail, you can choose the CitiZen Bar, located in the reception area of the hotel, daily, between 10:00 AM and 23:00 PM.

For meals with pre-set menus (for example events) reservation is confirmed and guaranteed by advanced payment. The sum paid in advanced is lost in case of no show.

For meals with pre-set menus (for example events) reservation is confirmed and guaranteed by advanced payment. The sum paid in advanced is lost in case of non-honoring the reservation made.


Room service

Room service is available on request between:


The fee for this service is:


Parking space and cars

Unirea Hotel & SPA offers its clients, if available, 200 parking places in the underground car park and outdoor car park. The price for one parking place is 25 lei/ accommodation night.

Even though we take all the necessary precautions, we do not assume responsibility in case of theft or damage inflicted on our property. To avoid such disturbance, please do not leave any valuables inside your car.

Unirea Hotel & SPA also offers space to leave your bike in the special rack located outside the hotel. For hotel guests, bicycle parking is free. We recommend our clients to make sure that the bicycle is secure by anti-theft devices. We do not assume responsibility in case of theft or damage inflicted on our property.


Safety of personal objects

Hotel Unirea & SPA is equipped with certified room access electronic systems and room safes.

We recommend our clients to use the safes available both at reception and in their rooms to store their valuable objects. We do not assume any responsibility for forgotten, lost or presumably stolen objects within the premises of Unirea Hotel & SPA.


Special assistance

Our desire is to offer the best conditions to the disabled.

The majority of hotel spaces are accessible for the disabled.

If you need special assistance of any kind please let us know in advance so we can offer you the most pleasant stay at our hotel.


Information confidentiality

If you contact us by e-mail, fax or through our sites, we retain the right to use your data for direct marketing.

We shall never use your name or other information about you without your prior approval. You shall have the possibility to inform us whether you want to receive this information in the future.


Processing of personal data

In accordance with the provisions of EU Regulation 679/2016 on the processing of personal data and their free movement, S.C. Complex Hotelier Unirea S.A. has the obligation to administer safely and only for determined, explicit and legitimate purposes, the personal data provided to it by individual customers and the representative images.

SC Complex Hotelier Unirea S.A. with headquarters in No.5 Piata Unirii, Iasi, processes personal data for the provision of hotel services, for the following purposes:

Customers of Unirea Hotel & SPA provide the data requested by S.C. Hotel Complex Unirea S.A., in order to carry out or initiate legal relations with the company, in compliance with the legal provisions.

The refusal of individuals to provide these data determines the inability of our company to provide you with the required services, making it impossible to comply with the requirements of special regulations in the hotel and fiscal area.


Consent regarding the processing of personal data (telephone number, email address) is granted on a voluntary basis. This consent may be revoked at any time, with effect subsequently, through a free notification to the S.C. Complex Hotelier Unirea S.A. The consent revocation notice can be made, for example, by e-mail to or to the reception department of Unirea Hotel. Please note that the consent revocation does not affect the lawfulness of the use of the data prior to the withdrawal of the consent (notice does not have retroactive effect). If consent is not granted or revoked, we shall be unable to provide the requested services and personal data shall not be used for communication, marketing, and feedback purposes. If you have questions about this statement of consent or data protection by S.C. Complex Hotelier Unirea S.A. in general, please do not hesitate to contact our data protection officer at the following email address:


In accordance with the provisions of EU Regulation 679/2016, natural persons enjoy the following rights: the right to receive information on the processing of personal data and a copy of the processed data, the right to intervene, to oppose, to rectify, to withdraw the consent at any time, the right to request the deletion of data, the right not to be subject to an individual decision, the right to file a complaint with a supervisory authority.

In order to exercise these rights, you may contact our Data Protection Officer at any time at the following email address:, in writing, dated and signed, stating the data on which that right is claimed.

For more information, please refer to the Privacy Policy available at


SC Complex Hotelier Unirea S.A. is registered in the personal data processing register under no. 17875 and no. 17876. Personal data belonging to Unirea Hotel & SPA clients are processed in good faith and in accordance with the legal provisions in force. They are collected only for determined, explicit and legitimate purposes, and subsequent processing shall not be incompatible with these purposes.


Personal data shall be processed in accordance with the rights of the concerned person. Persons whose data is processed have the right to obtain from S.C. Complex Hotelier Unirea S.A., upon request and free of charge, rectification, update, blocking or deletion, insofar as the processing is not in compliance with EU Regulation 679/2016 or the data are incomplete or inaccurate.


The concerned person has the right to oppose at any time, for reasoned and legitimate reasons, for the data concerning him/her to be processed, except as provided by the law. In the case of justified opposition, data processing may no longer cover the concerned data. The concerned person also has the right to oppose, at any time and without charge, without any justification, that the data that is intended to be processed for direct marketing purposes on behalf of the Operator or the third party are disclosed to third parties . For this, the person concerned shall address a written, dated and signed request and the measures taken by the Operator shall be communicated within 15 days of the date of the request.


Environment policy protection

Environment protection is one of our main concerns and that is why we promote a responsible attitude towards it.

The detergents we use to wash and sterilize bed sheets, towels, table cloths and bathrobes are biodegradable and using less of them means better conservation of the environment.

Bed sheets and towels are changed every two days or on request. To signal your desire to change the bed sheets or the towels please leave them on the floor or in the bath tub.


Disputes and complaints

We reserve the right to debit the card of our clients, regardless of their wish, at least in the following cases :

Any controversy, dispute or complaint which may arise from the application of these terms and conditions shall be dealt with in amicable way. In case this is not possible, it shall fall under the jurisdiction of Iasi courts of law.


Undesirable clients elimination program

The client needs to comply with hotel rules. He/She shall have to keep silence inside the hotel, restaurant and SPA center, as well as the norms of social and moral cohabitation.

The Unirea Hotel & SPA client must also take care of the property they are responsible for throughout their stay at the hotel.

Any violation of hotel rules or of the moral norms of social cohabitation gives the hotel the right to interrupt the contract/ accommodation immediately, with no prior notice.

We reserve the right to refuse the accommodation, restaurant service and access to Unirea SPA to clients who are drunk, rude or create disturbance or clients who, by their behavior,  damage the image of the hotel and disturb other clients. The value of possible damage to goods and property belonging to Unirea Hotel & SPA shall be paid for by the persons responsible for it.

We reserve the right to strainedly evacuate undesirable clients from the hotel, restaurant or SPA center. 

Taken into account the things mentioned above we reserve the right to select our clients.


Alcoholic beverages

It is forbidden to bring and consume alcoholic beverages inside the restaurants without the previous agreement of the management.

The restaurant reserves the right to stop serving drunken persons or who have consumed alcoholic beverages in great quantities and have become rude.


Offered services

The clients accommodated at Unirea Hotel & SPA have preferential offers of free and paid services. For paid services you can get more information at the reception of the hotel.


Free of charge services

- 4-star welcome tray (water boiler, coffee, tea, sugar) – for the first day of accommodation.

- buffet-type breakfast

- access to certain Unirea SPA services (swimming pool, jacuzzi, Unirea Gym fitness & cardio) for clients accommodated at the hotel

- wireless internet network (Wi-Fi & Wired)

- safe valuables service (room safe)

- wake-up call

- receiving and transmitting messages

- newspapers (in the hotel lobby)

- shoe polish service

- restaurant reservation service


Paid services

- transfer to and from the hotel to the airport or train station

- room service

- minibar products

- laundry and ironing

- domestic and international telephone calls

- domestic and international courier

- flower sending service (in Iasi)

- car park

- SPA services: massages and therapies, swimming classes, aqua gym, sauna, hammam, saline, ice fountain, emotional showers.


Protection against fire

Client safety is ranked first and that is why we have taken all safety measures in case of fire.

Access doors into rooms and doors leading to evacuations routes have been treated against fire and they provide 30 minutes of direct flame resistance. Rooms are equipped with smoke detectors, evacuation plans and each hallway has (este corect asa, cu has – fiecare hol are) hydrants and fire extinguishers. 

The alarm fire system is automatic and directly connected to hotel dispatch and the guarding company. Attention to detail is also visible in the evacuation routes of the hotel which are equipped with permanently illuminated elements linked to domestic sources of energy.


Structural integrity

For Unirea Hotel & SPA, a hotel approximately 60 meters high, the structural safety and the resistance structure of the hotel are vital, because the stability, resistance and durability depend on them. That is why, combining architecture and structural engineering, the building was designed so as to ensure in any situation, the necessary security.

The nature of the terrain chosen for the foundation determines the bearing capacity of the terrain and it represents the maximum pressure the foundation terrain can support with no risk of breaking. As far as the walls are concerned, they absorb  the weight of the building and transmit it to the foundation, ensuring the thermal and phonic insulation of the building and its resistance to horizontal strain (e.g. wind, earthquake). 

Thus, taking all these into account and adding the factor of building behavior to earthquake action, Unirea Hotel & SPA, comprising the underground level, ground floor, and 13 floors, was designed on a monolith structure of concrete frames reinforced with steel, which can resist to the most powerful earthquakes.

Tests performed by specialists throughout the construction proved that the hotel offers high resistance to earthquakes, superior to similar structures.


Green illumination systems

To minimize energy consumption Unirea Hotel & SPA uses an ecologic illumination system.


Final clauses

We consider that each client is aware of and has accepted the terms and conditions mentioned above when accessing any of the services offered by Unirea Hotel & SPA (accommodation, restaurant, SPA, events).


Modifications of terms and conditions

The terms and conditions can be modified at any time by Hotel Unirea & SPA without any prior notifications.



We thank you for your understanding and we wish you a pleasant stay at Unirea Hotel & SPA!


The management,


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